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Artworks and Perfomance


Journey of a Pod. with Aleksandra Dulic. Interactive A/V installation. Kelowna Art Gallery.

Wandrscape. with Aleksandra Dulic. Locative media app. ( Kelowna.

Naramata Archive Explorer. ( Naramata 2018.

Journey of a Pod. with Aleksandra Dulic (Artist).– A/V set. Crossing Borders, Lethbridge.

Aeon. with Aleksandra Dulic (Artist) and Emerald Holt. Patterns. RCA, Kelowna.

Aeon. with Aleksandra Dulic (Artist). Vernon Art Gallery, Vernon.


The Doof Party Disco. A/V performance. Living Things Festival, Kelowna.

Aeon. with Aleksandra Dulic (Artist)- A/V set. Living Things Festival, Kelowna.

Between Spaces in Open Worlds. Interactive installation. The Games We Play, Black Kelowna Art Gallery.

Mr. Squiggle. A/V set, 2nd Annual Pony Show, Black Box Theatre, Keolwna.

Coherence. Living Things Festival, Kelowna.

Blaster. Guerilla lazer graffiti. Living Things Festival, Kelowna.

Piece for Lazer and Saxaphone. with Darren Williams. Interactive Lazer/audio. Living Things Festival, Kelowna.


Seasons. with Jianyu Fan, Philippe Pasquier. Venues: Electronic Litrature Organization Conference 2016, UVic, Generative Art 2015, Venice, ISEA 2015, Vancouver.


Recreation: Charleston Park. Networked sound sculpture. Venue: ISEA 2015.

Experience Spheres. with Tangible Interaction. Light and sound installation. Venue: Push Festival, Vancouver Art Gallery. 2014

Mediascapes. with Jim Bizzochi Arne Eigenfeldt Philippe Pasquier. Venues: Lumen Prize, online, Expressive 2014, Vancouver. First performance date: Jun, 2014.

Recreation: Minora Park. Networked sound sculpture. Venue: Kontinent Digital Media Festival, Richmond.

Sound Posts. with Ruth Beer. Interactive sound sculpture. Fraser River Discovery Centre. 2013

Audio Metaphor. Venues: ISEA 2013, VIVO, Vancouver, Electronic Litrature Organization Conference, UVIC. First performance date: Jun, 2013.

Chatter and Listening for three or more bird boxes. Networked sound sculpture. Venue: Tatlow Park, Vancouver.


In[a]Moment. with Chao Feng, Winnie Chung, Jackie Ho, Carol Tu. Computer vision generative art dance performance. SFU Woodwards Studio D, Vancouver. 2011

Imaging Vancouver. Interactive live video . Venue: Connecting the Dots, Vancouver.

Kinetic Floating Pixels. with Shaun Mavronicolas. Light sculpture. Venue: Illuminate Yaletown.

Composing You. with Judy Cheung and City of Victoria. Locative media app and interactive installation. Venue: Beacon Hill Park, Victoria.

Life Lights. with Morgan Rauscher. Interactive lighting installation. New Westminster Public Market.

Mesosphere. with Maia Love, Darcy McMurray, Faye Mallett. Computer vision dance performance. Connecting the Dots, Vancouver


Disrupting Currents. with Judy Cheung and Ruth Beer, Kit Graur. Interactive multimedia installation. Venues: VIVO, Vancouver.

Kingsway Luminaires. with David McWilliam. Generative public art/lighting. Kingsway Vancouver.

Break Apart. with Tangible Interaction. Interactive multitouch cubes. Vancouver Winter Olympics.