A multichannel sonification of historical utterances exhibited as large-scale outdoor sound installation.

Electronics, multi-channel audio, plywood
Exhibited: Queen Elizebeth Park, Vancouver

Reaction includes 10 independent audio channels spread around the old quarry in Queen Elizabeth Park, Vancouver. Each of the audio channels is a separate soundscape composition referencing to the various utilities of the site since colonization. These compositions are generated by Audio Metaphor from excerpts of text related to the moments in time. Below is the artist statement and excepts from the 10 texts.

The early colonization of Vancouver saw Little Mountain owned by CPR who blasted and dug for its basalt. Those operations closed in 1911 and the land was later sold to the City of Vancouver who wanted it for the towns water reservoirs. That moment also signified a shift in the utility of Little Mountain toward beautification and recreation. Around that time, the BC Tulip Association envisaged turning the derelict quarry into a garden sunken into the earth, among the shapes of stones and bones.