Kingsway Luminaires

A 3D vector space with ALife simulation running on-chip. Artificial system is controlling the colours of lights dynamically.

2010 – ongoing
Electronics, LED, acrylic
Exhibited: 2 location on Kingsway Avenue, Vancouver
Working with artist David McWilliam

Photo: Scott Massey

RGB colours selected by the artist are mapped to XYZ coordinates in vector space. These points act as targets for artificial agents to travel between. The current coordinate of the agent is the color for the light at the moment. 4 LEDs were used, each 1W RGB with 120 deg spread. The LED light array was supported on a tetrahedral armature for an even distribution.

Tetrahedral supports

The following is the text from the reception invitation:

“Located on the Kingsway, two sets of luminaires bookend Knight Street at Clark and Dumfries. Six globes are illuminated by a set array of programmed colours that cycle randomly, slowly transitioning from one to another to create different colour combinations throughout the night.
Kingsway Luminaires was commissioned by the City of Vancouver Public Art Program as part of Mapping and Marking artist-initiated projects for Vancouver 2010.”